Emma Jane

Emma Jane is the family’s beloved crabber and is a fixture of life in Salcombe now. With her striking red and white colours she is a familiar sight seaward or homeward bound to the town’s Fish Quay. Very much a part of the town’s marine landscape, she has graced the pages of many a photo album and also once made it into the pages of the Laura Ashley magazine! Emma Jane has weathered thousands of trips into the English Channel where the crab and lobster pots are, 30 miles offshore.

  • She is 60 ft long and lives at the Fish Quay when she’s not at sea.
  • Her crew are six-strong and they can sleep on board in six bunks.
  • She can go out for ten days at sea but it is usually a six day trip.
  • She can carry 14 tonnes of live crab in her tanks.
  • She can carry four tonnes of fresh water and 16 tonnes of fuel.
  • She has been in the family since she was launched in 1989 – on Kevin’s 21st birthday.