Domestic wholesale

Our Salcombe Brown Crab and Salcombe Blue Lobster are available to anyone wholesale in the UK.

Our delicious Devon crab is available everywhere in the UK because we can deliver it straight to your door or restaurant.

We are so proud of our hands-on personal delivery service which uses our own chiller vans or one of our chiller lorries.

The fresh crab is loaded at our HQ in Kingsbridge and every order is personally checked by a member of staff before going out on the road and swiftly straight to you.

And don’t worry if one of our vans or lorries doesn’t come to you – we also use a courier service, depending on the size of the order to get it fastest and freshest to where you want.

We are passionate about quality control and we oversee every product as it is packed and loaded – right here where it is cooked and picked – ready for delivery straight from our offices.