The family

We began our fishing adventure way back in 1972 when Grandpa Favis decided to swap his job trucking for potting and the lure of the sea. It wasn’t long before his crabber the Boscastle Lass was a regular sight going in and out of the picturesque South Devon fishing town of Salcombe.

Now we have three generations of Favis working with the firm: brothers Kevin and Nigel skippered for 25 years and Nigel’s son Sam is on board now too working his way up. Onshore Nigel’s wife Pippa, Kevin’s daughter Laura and his partner Jen keep the business running from the office and HQ.

As a family we are all passionate about what we do and aim for the very highest quality in everything, whether it’s our exports or our hand-picked crab.

We all know how to cook, pick and pack and our fastest ‘stripper’ in the family has got to be Kevin!


Was Salcombe Lifeboat Second Coxswain. Rescued eight people from a burning ship once. Still has all his fingers despite crab nibbles. Fastest stripper in the family.


Once faced down fifty foot – eight fathom – waves to bring back the freshest, finest crab. Favourite wine: red.


Married to Nigel, office supremo, passionate about the family, owner of two totally bonkers Red Setters, loves walking the cliffs and beaches.


Nigel’s son. Spent teenage years in apprenticeship on the Emma Jane. Finalist in Western Morning News Young Business Person of the Year. Organiser of onshore teams. Loves keeping horses and chickens.


Kevin’s daughter, organises everything, charming to everyone, a powerhouse, truck driver, indispensable, cracking hockey captain.


Partner of Kevin. Oversees the hand-picking and production. Horse-crazy. Salcombe-born. Quite a whizz when it comes to wine.